PM32 Controller

  • 16 Character LED-Display and 25 Keys
  • Hermetically Sealed Housing, DIN IP 68
  • Intrinsically Safe MSHA IA
    Approval Pending
  • Valve Switching Functions Programmable
    and Parametrizable
  • 16 Output Modules, Cascade Function
  • Face Wide Emergency-Off, Independent
    Support Lock Switch
  • Standardized Conm4 Connectors
    Water Proofed System
  • Compact Assembling
  • Acoustic and Optical Warning System

Face Automation Technique

The pm32 control unit solves all of the control problems in a mining face. The spectrum begins with the simple bidi-control functions through shearer and position dependent automation, to full-face automation. The pm32 is capable of controlling both increment plowing and automated shearer faces, and monitor face alignment and horizon control. The marco system ranges from sensors, cables and connectors to the control unit, which relays its data to the central computer.

Technical Data

Every active component is assembled in low power CMOS technology.


  • Processors
    • Memory 512 Kbytes RAM and 512 Kbytes FLASH
    • Communication 2 X on CPU
    • Analog to Digital Converter 10 Bit ADC 7004
  • Power supply
    • 12 V(8-15V) 30-40mA
    • Operating Voltage 9,5..15 V
    • Internal 2.4 Volt Battery Backup
  • Connectors
    • 12* Conm4, Connecting System
  • Weight
    • ca. 1 kg

Parameters and Software

We offer a wide range of software applications which permit the customers to adjust control parameters. These allow the miner to influence the overall behavior of the face. The customer may decide in advance which parameters are to be adjustable. Software may be loaded underground simply by using a 4-inch long flash-eprom face loader, easy to transport and easy to handle.

Peripherals and Cabling

The compact pm3/sg/c is completed by the mcv/8 valve solenoid control with 2 8 switch functions.They communicate with one single standard 4pole cable. Neighbor units and sensors are connected with the standard 4pole conm4 hose cable system.


The system contains a complete program of intrinsically safe sensors for mining applications.


8 Sensor Inputs Function
2 Pressure Sensors 0,2.. 1 mA
2 Reed Sensors 0,2 - 1 mA
2 Analog Sensors
1 Approximation Sensor
1 Extension Connector
or 2 X 2 direct valve switching outputs
Leg Pressure Monitoring
Ram Stroke and Slide Bar
Seam Thickness and Inclination
Application Specific
Pilot Valves
4 Data Connections Function
2 Bidi Communication
1 Output Module
1 Additional Interface
Right and Left Support
Pilot Valve Switching

System Extensions

The pm32 system may be quickly and easily extended with peripheral units (one cable) or with software for other functions (incremental plowing), e.g.:

  • a Face Data Logging Unit at the Headgate Station
  • a Main Control for Maintenance and Control
  • Communication with a Surface Station
  • Incremental Plowing or Full-Face Shearer Automation
  • Connection of all common Pilot Valves found in Mining

Together with a main control unit the system offers the possibility of mine-wide monitoring, so that one can monitor shearer and plow functions together with functions of the conveyor and of power supplies.