conm/4 cable products

The Marco cable is a standard 4pole cable. The contacts are Thomas and Betts Triad Pins. Advantages are the gold plated pins and the socket with three contact surfaces, also gold plated and equipped with stainless steel springs. The connector material is mineral doped PA 6.6, with the characteristics of form stability, high strength and good insulation. Our design conforms to EN 50020. This means maintaining insulation thickness and leakage paths with the smallest possible outer diameter, the standard spacing "connector to connector" is 27mm.  

Key Benefits

  • 4pole Cable and connector system.
  • Hermetically Sealed Din IP 68.
  • Designed for rough operating environments and conditions like mining.
  • Form Stability with high strength and good insulation
  • Diameter 1.5mm2 to 3mm2 Industry-,Steel-armored-, and Hose Cable

The system offers a complete line of cables, accessories and special connector modules which extend the peripherals of marco control units and components.