Marco North America was founded in January 1993. We are equipped to support the technical and commercial needs of our mining customers. We develop inovative products with state-of-the-art electronics. Marco North America is located in Ona,West Virginia about six miles east of Huntington  with easy access to the coal fields.

       Marco's commitment to excellence has earned us one of the best reputations in the business for high quality products and customer service designed to meet the needs of our customers. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about any of our products.  

       Marco North America represents Marco Systemanalyse and Entwicklung GmbH in North America. We are able to supply or service all Marco products

        Marco Systemanalyse and Entwicklung GmbH was founded in 1982 and has been involved in the development and manufacturing of longwall automation systems for twenty years. They have three locations in southern Germany for development, manufacturing, and programming. Marco's innovative hardware design and powerful programming capabilities have brought Marco to world wide acceptance. Marco is the sole developer and programmers of the famous pm2 and pm3 electro-hydraulic control systems. We supplied the hardware and programmed the most automated longwall faces in the USA and Europe. Our product support is well known and appreciated by our customers. We continue to improve the pm3 line of products and busy developing new products for the mining industry.

        Marco also offers a variety of specialty sensors and  the conm/4 line of cable products to meet the demands of the mining and other industries.

        Marco has become one of the world leaders in Piezo Ceramic Technology developing a wide range of actuators, sensors, valves and positioning platforms that can be adapted to many different applications